Class Minutes: Wed. May 4th and Friday May 6th

Over the course of the two classes we did the following:

Went to the library to do our Pinterest Boards for a character of choice.  The URL links were posted to the database on Moodle.

Read a graphic novel version of Act IV and did accompanying questions.  These will be due on Tuesday next week.

HW:  Please read Act 5

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Class Minutes: Monday, May 2nd

The morning class started by writing their Shakespearean insults on the Graffiti wall.

Both classes discussed the Friendship Opinionairre, using thumbs up /thumbs down to agree or disagree with the statements.

Then, we read “Golden Girl” together.  The short story has many parallels with the play, AMSND.

As an exit slip, we wrote an explanation of the parallels between the two texts, considering characters’ behaviours, personalities,  attitudes, feelings, status, wishes, etc.

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Class Minutes: Thursday, April 28th

We organized work handed back (“Ozymandias” thesis and Act 3.2 storyboard) into portfolios and binders.

We went to the computer lab (104) to type up our Shakespearean scripts.


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Class Minutes: Tues. April 26th

We read and explicated “Ozymandias” together before writing a thesis statement on the poem.

We viewed the movie scene of 3.2 while completing a storyboard of the plot developments.

We started writing a script for one of two given scenarios using language of the Renaissance.  We’ll continue next class.

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Class Minutes: Friday, April 22nd

We reviewed the 3 types of irony:  verbal, situational, and dramatic, watching short video clips on each.  We discussed whether Alanis Morisette’s song “Ironic” (we listened to it and watched the video) was truly ironic.  We agreed that the most ironic thing about it was that it was a song called “Ironic” with little to no irony in its lyrics.  This was followed up by an irony worksheet, in which we had to identify the type of irony found in each scenario.  We read 3.1, paying particular attention to ironic moments.

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Class Minutes: April 18th

We reviewed Act 1 and the relationships between the characters by completing a “fill in the blank” character map by memory.

Students were introduced to the literary device of pathetic fallacy, in which they later identified the use of pathetic fallacy in Act 2 Scene 1.

For next day, students are to read the remainder of Act 2 Scene 1, while completing the questions on their reading package.  Please note that there will be a reading check next day.

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Class Minutes: April 12th

We added our Shakespearean insults to our classroom’s Shakespearean Graffiti Wall.

We began reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Act 1 Scene 1, introducing us to Theseus, Hippolyta, Egeus, Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius, and Helena.

We wrote a paragraph on love’s ability to make one act irrationally.  We also completed an exit slip on Marylin Dumont’s poem, “Instructions to My Mother” in relation to Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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Class minutes: Wednesday, April 6th

Today, we introduced ourselves to William Shakespeare and the Elizabethan Era by completing a “true or false” questionnaire.  We also watched a couple Youtube videos called, “The Ghastly Truth About Life in the Middle Ages” Part 1 and 2.

We reviewed a character map on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream as well.

Next day, we will begin reading Act 1 Scene 1.

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Class Minutes: Monday, April 4th

Today, we watched the remainder of the film, “Life is Beautiful.”

After the movie, we completed the question booklet on the film.  We also completed a triple venn-diagram between the film, “Life is Beautiful,” and the two short stories, “The Father” by Hugh Garner, and “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, on the subject of parent-child relationships.



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Class Minutes: Tues. April 5th

Today, Mr. O’Toole came in to substitute and teach the class.

We wrote our synthesis multi in-class.  For those that missed today’s class, please contact Ms. Padrinao either in person or by email to write your multi.

Mr. O’Toole ended class with an introduction to the poet, John Keats.

Next class, we will read Keats’ poem, “When I have fears…”

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