Class Minutes: Friday, Jan. 13th and Monday, Jan. 16th

Today we wrote our C&C thesis on the Sir Ken Robinson TedTalk, “Changing Paradigms in Education,” and the poem, “The Unknown Citizen” by W.H. Auden on the dangers of a mechanical society.

Work was handed back, including the Hamlet test.

Progress reports were given to students.

We read and discussed the mid-year exam outline and completed a “traffic-light” self-assessment to guide our preparations.

We started some practice/review activities:

1.  Read the essay, “Canyon” and do multiple choice reading questions

2. Read the essay, “Head Cook at Weddings and Funerals,” and do multiple choice reading questions

3.  Write an analysis thesis for each essay on the prompt provided (TAG+THEME+POD).

4.  Keys are available in 112 or on Moodle to self-check.

We will continue to review in our next class.

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Class Minutes: Wed. Jan. 11th and Thurs. Jan. 12th

We reviewed the mix’n match worksheet on mechanical aspects of contemporary society.

We viewed the animated video of Sir Ken Robinson’s “Changing Paradigms in Education” talk and completed a text-framing worksheet.

We read the poem, “The Unknown Citizen” by W.H Auden and gained deeper understanding of the text through discussion of the guided reading questions.

The C&C thesis statements we wrote on the dangers of consumer culture were handed back with feedback.

We viewed a sample exemplary thesis.

We will be writing anther C&C thesis using Robinson and Auden on the problems of a mechanical society at the start of next class.


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Class Minutes: Monday, Jan. 9th and Tuesday, Jan. 10th

You had the block to practice a mock provincial exam.

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Class Minutes: Thurs. Jan. 5th and Fri. Jan. 6th

We started class viewing and listening to a short video titled, “and a new earth.” We completed a think-pair-share of 6 questions relating to the video.

The video’s content links to Thomas Carlyle’s concerns and theories in his essay, “Sign of the Times.”

We read a short bio on Carlyle and highlighted the definitions of his terms, “mechanical” and “dynamic,” which are central to his arguments.

We read short excerpts from “Sign of the Times” and paraphrased and discussed Carlyle’s main points.

We completed a worksheet (mix n’ match) and short answer that helped us to relate Carlyle’s concerns to contemporary society.

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Class Minutes: Tuesday, Jan. 3rd and Wed. Jan. 4th

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Today we watched an intro clip- the movie trailer to Christmas with the Kranks.  The film was based on John Grisham’s best-selling novel, Skipping Christmas.  Mrs. Wall read ch 1 of the novel while students followed along on their copies and listed all the frustrations experienced by Luther during the holiday season (ex.  cold weather, crowded shops, inflated prices, grouchy patrons, fake decorations, etc.).  Luther was so annoyed by the materialism and consumer culture of Christmas that he was willing to give up the Christian celebration all together and skip Christmas.

Then, students used the guided reading questions to understand Joyce Nelson’s argument in the essay, “The Temple of Fashion.”  She believes that shopping, or acquisition, has become a new religion of sorts, replaces authentic and genuine spirituality.  She draws a number of parallels in her text.  For example, malls equate to cathedrals, models are like saints, fashion catalogues replace the Bible.  The list goes on.  Like Grisham, she too believes that consumer culture erodes human spirituality.

We then reviewed how to write a compare and contrast thesis with examples.  To end class, students wrote their own C&C on the novel and the essay.


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Class Minutes: Wed. Dec. 14th and Thurs. Dec. 15th

After writing our Hamlet test, we made Christmas cards to give to loved ones.  Here they are…

IMG_5519 IMG_5520 IMG_5525 IMG_5526 IMG_5527


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Class Minutes: Monday, Dec. 12 and Tues. Dec. 13th

Work was handed back and organized.  We created our Hamlet flip books.  Please email Mrs. Wall the video file and the names of all group members.

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Class Minutes: Thurs. Dec. 8th and Friday, Dec. 9th

After editing and improving a sample thesis on the motif of lust for power and copying the thesis into our booklets, we wrote another 7 thesis statements.  After all were completed, students selected their best for assessment.

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Class Minutes: Tuesday, Dec. 6th and Wed. Dec. 7th

Classes were broken up today due to penitential prayer service.  The lesson had 3 parts:

1.  Discuss key points from 5.1, including the changes to the characterization of Hamlet’s age

2.  Finish reading the play together, pausing to discuss.  Notes on Act 5 were handed out.

3.  Review:  8 stations of review activities were available (they are also on Moodle), accompanied by the keys.  Instructions are found on the handouts or posted as an assignment on Moodle.  They key to the literary device search in the soliloquies is not available as someone took it.  If that’s you, please bring it back.  The Hamlet test will be on Wed./Thurs. of next week.  It’s 32 multiple choice questions.

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Class Minutes: Friday, Dec. 2nd and Monday, Dec. 5th

Core competency reflections were handed back and filed into the reflections pocket of our portfolios.

Madness paragraphs were handed back and assignment logs were updates.

Using the feedback on the madness paragraph, we wrote our Act 4 soliloquy paragraphs.

After half an hour, Mrs. Wall shared a sample paragraph and pointed out key writing features, including:

  • Theme-based topic sentence
  • Context of the plot
  • Fluid quote integration
  • Selection of quotes to support theme
  • Concluding statement that re-states the theme in a new way
  • Varied word choice to avoid repetition and add interest
  • Transitional words and phrases to create fluidity

Students took notes on their copies of the sample paragraph (which was filed into the reference pocket of portfolios) and edited their own work prior to handing in for assessment.

HW:  Read 5.1 for Tuesday and do the 3 question worksheet on Hamlet’s age.


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