Class Minutes: Tues. Feb. 21

Act III quote response was handed back.

Act IV quote response was written.

We did a Tempest quote device search.

We read a text about the problem with Prospero’s magic and the way it was viewed in early modern England.

We started reading Act V.  Please finish for next class.

A copy of the epilogue and few accompanying questions were handed out.  Use the reading on Prospero’s magic to help answer the questions and bring them for discussion on Friday.

The ShrinkLit was assigned and is due on March 6.

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Class Minutes: Friday, February 17th

We watched the film adaptation of The Tempest.

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Class Minutes: Wed. Feb. 15

We interpreted important quotes from Act 3 and handed in our responses.

We discussed the role of theatre in society through a series of questions for conversation.  4 students stood in the inner circle,  7 in the outer circle.  The outer circle rotated and stopped when cued.  The person closest in the inner circle became one’s conversation partner for the given question.

We read a handout of notes on the humanist interpretation.

We started reading Act 4.  Please finish for next class.

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Class Minutes: Wednesday, Feb. 8th

We wrote our interpretations of significant quotes from Act 2 and checked them with a key.

We watched two clips of Bugs Bunny; while watching we noted the personality traits of the rabbit.

We viewed a power point about trickster figures and looked at examples from Africa, Japan, and North America.

We discussed whether Ariel was a trickster based on the traditional characteristics.

We read the handout of notes on the Colonialist reading of the play (in which Ariel’s character is best understood as a trickster).

Homework:  Read Act 3

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Class Minutes: Thursday, Feb. 2

Today we considered and discussed some important quotes from Act I, which addressed:

  1. unnatural order and behaviour (ex. the lack of authority of the King in a shipwreck and the betrayal of Prospero by his brother)
  2. the role of the sea as a catalyst of change
  3. the notion of redemption through suffering
  4. the humanist reading of the island as a metaphor for the theatre
  5. the hypocrisy in Prospero’s character
  6. the colonialist reading of Ariel and Caliban as indigenous people and Prospero as a colonist.

Notes on Act I were handed out.  We continued reading Act II and paused to talk about:

  1. the different ways the island is viewed as a reflection of the speaker’s character
  2. Gonzalo’s ironic, Utopian dream speech, in which he claims to do away with the master-slave motif underlying the play.

At this point we paused to read a few past presidential inaugural addresses (Roosevelt, JFK, Obama, Trump) and, using a chart, we noted and compared the values inherent in their “Utopian” dreams.  We discussed what was common? different? and where our own beliefs most aligned.

Please finish reading Act II for Monday.


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Class Minutes: Tuesday, Jan. 31st

We went over the mid-year self evaluations.  A copy of the draft curriculum for the Focused Literary Studies course was handed out, including elaborations on big ideas, competencies, and content.

We started reading The Tempest (finish Act 1 for Thursday) and taking notes in our reading logs.

We discussed/introduced:

a. the romance genre

b. the historical context of the play, including:  the tension between anti-theatricalists and apologists & the atmosphere and perceived immorality of theatre.

c.  the master-slave motif (natural order)

d. the colonialist perspective

e.  the meta-theatricality of the play



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Class Minutes: Wed. Jan. 18th

Today was test day.  We wrote terms quiz #3 and the unit test on the Renaissance and the 17th century.

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Class Minutes: Monday, Jan. 16th

Progress reports were handed out.

We did two review activities:

a.  the Renaissance & 17th Century timeline

b.  the Renaissance & 17th Century mandala

Unit test and terms quiz #3 are next class

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Class Minutes: Thurs. Jan. 12th

We read, discussed and took note on 3 Shakespearian sonnets (#29, #116, #130).

We wrote a C&C thesis thematically connecting each to another poem previously read.

We discussed the content and format of the summative evaluation week self-assessment (Friday, Jan. 20th @ 1:00).

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Class Minutes: Tues. Jan. 10th

We wrote our Paradise Lost multis.

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