September 24th

  • We reviewed what we learned from taking notes on left, centre, and right perspectives.
  • I asked, “What patterns do you see between the beliefs” and we brainstormed your answers. See moodle for an image of the board


Lesson: The major political ideologies

  • we got through notes using a power point on Communism
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September 22

  • Collected Personal beliefs posters


  • We took a self quiz on our political beliefs
  • We took notes on Political spectrum and its origins ( see handout)
  • We took notes on Left, Centre, and Rights perspectives. Homework if not done
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September 14-18

September 14:

  • We reviewed our course outline
  • we finished our group work from last class: “Create your own Government.”
  • We filled in a sheet  about what the term GOVERNMENT meant and then shared our answers
  • Hw included questions about decision making styles

September 16:

  • We reviewed our answers about decision making styles.
  • lesson on democracy ( what is it? Characteristics, and origins)
  • we watched a video clip and answered some questions and reviewed the answers

September 18:

  • We examined the types of governments besides democracy and filled in the chart
  • Introduction to Ideologies

- We looked at beliefs, values, and identity by listening to the Ramones Song “Something to Believe In.” Then we went over the beliefs assignment                                      due next class.


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