Sept 28-Oct 2

We had some time to work on our prep work for the election. We are creating a bulletin board for the school to use for school election day


1. We finished up with major political ideologies

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Sept 21-25

We continued with our Government unit by working on the following lessons ( handouts on moodle)

1. notes on the political spectrum, left, centre, and right ideology

2. we began to take notes on the MAIN ideologies

3. we began planning our Mock School Election. THE DATE is set for October 13-14

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Sept. 14-18

This week we began our first Unit which will examine Our Canadian Government. We will start with this unit because we have an election coming our way in October

Monday Sept.14:

  • We discussed our group ” Create your own Government.” This lead us into the first topic:   Decision Making Styles
  • We completed some questions for hw that examined the different decision making styles available.

Wednesday Sept. 16th:

  • Reviewed our homework
  • Continued with the concept of power and authority ( Section 2 and 3 of the assigned booklet

Friday Sept. 18th:

  • Reviewed our homework
  • took notes on the types of government
  • Intro to beliefs and values:

- we talked about what identity, beliefs, and values meant first by watching and                       listening to the Ramones ( Something to Believe in). Then we worked through the                 terms and finally I reviewed the assignment itself.

See MOODLE for all handouts


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Welcome back to School

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Sept 16-20

Sept. 17th:

Unit One: Roles and Responsibilities of Citizens ( Active Citizenship)

  • Mrs. Reis prepared students for the Truth and Reconciliation workshop fieldtrip this Thurs by showing a clip on youtube about Residential schools:

  • students were then introduced to the “Civic action Reflections” that they would be doing this year. They also received 20 minutes to respond to the first one which had to do with the fieldtrip
  • Using the Model Citizens booklet that was hw, students paired off and were given the task of creating a class board. This is due next class
  • Students were given “Who is the greatest citizen” assignment. This is due Sept 30th ( handout, moodle)


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May 31st

Focus: Aborignal Rights Unit

here is the answer key for the booklet we finished today:    firstnations issues answers

Next Section: Canada’s Participation in International Human Rights

Hw: work through the “peacekeeping” booklet. Here are extra copies: peacekeeping review questions

Here are the powerpoints to get most of the INFO from:

Suez crisis:  The Suez CanalSuez Crisis Wendi and Jessica

Congo:  Congo; congo.Michelle

Cyprus:  link to prezi:

Yugoslavia:  Yugoslavia

Somalia:  The Somalia Affair (1)












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May 15th

Focus: Rights and Freedoms Unit

  • we finished examining the Charter of Rights and Freedoms including significance and impact.


  • the charter cases and problems in the booklet are to be completed for next class
  • Powerpoint used for Impact for the Charter:

impact of the Charter powerpoint



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May 9th

Focus: Rights and Freedoms Unit

  • Eventhough many of you were absent, I expect that the following will be done. Copies of the next booklet are in the box or here is a PDF version of it. I limited the work that needs to be done but I will have an open notes quiz on this work for marks. YOU MAY USE YOUR HOMEWORK
  • from the booklet do the following:

1. First page on sentencing

2. list and explain the fundamental freedoms we have . You can leave the box with limitations ( last box). This is a chart worksheet in the package

3. Fill in the sheet on the charter starting with Section 3-5  and ending with section 15( just do this page)

rights and freedoms booklet.Charter  ( the booklet in case you did not visit)

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April 26th

Focus: Ideologies, Parties, and Elections Unit

We have a unit test on Monday. Here are some answer keys to review from:

answer key ideologies and elections

Any answer keys not included are located in the appropriate pages of the workbook. If you are stuck on anything particular, email me to get the answer

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December 10

Focus: Government ( executive branch)

  • we wrote a checkpoint and marked our own answers.
  • We went to the library to finish the tasks from last day.
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