Sept. 14-18

This week we began our first Unit which will examine Our Canadian Government. We will start with this unit because we have an election coming our way in October

Monday Sept.14:

  • We discussed our group ” Create your own Government.” This lead us into the first topic:   Decision Making Styles
  • We completed some questions for hw that examined the different decision making styles available.

Wednesday Sept. 16th:

  • Reviewed our homework
  • Continued with the concept of power and authority ( Section 2 and 3 of the assigned booklet

Friday Sept. 18th:

  • Reviewed our homework
  • took notes on the types of government
  • Intro to beliefs and values:

- we talked about what identity, beliefs, and values meant first by watching and                       listening to the Ramones ( Something to Believe in). Then we worked through the                 terms and finally I reviewed the assignment itself.

See MOODLE for all handouts


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