Class Minutes: Tuesday, May 10th

We discussed the tensions in Elizabethan England around theatre (anti-theatricalist concerns vs. apologist defences) as immoral.

We also discussed the role of the audience/ spectators (which term do we use? which sense is privileged by each?) as active participants with an essential role in the dream/illusion.

These two concepts help us to understand Puck’s epilogue and his request for forgiveness through our applause/prayer.

We viewed a video about Puck’s role in Julie Taymor’s broadway version of “AMSND” before answering 2 questions on the epilogue.

Then, we practiced writing thesis statements for the play.  You were given 8 themes without the POD.  You were to add the two points of evidence, or POD, to complete the thesis.

We wrote one together as an example first.

After writing 8, you selected your best and marked it with a star before handing it in.

We’ll continue to prepare for our multi (Monday) next class.

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