September 21st

Introductory lesson to short stories:

  • We watched the Pixar short film, “One Man Band.”
  • students had to assess if this was a short story and why?
  • Group work : each group presented their findings
  • Harrison Bergeron wordle was given to groups. Each group wrote a PREDICTION for the story in the wordle. Then, students shared their predictions
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Sept. 14th- Sept. 18

Tuesday Sept. 15th:

  • We learned about the importance of keeping a writing portfolio by answering some questions with power point presentation
  • We put together our portfolios

Thursday Sept. 17th:

  • We wrote a practice English 10 provincial
  • Those not finished will be able to finish next Wednesday’s class

All handouts are on moodle


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September 16-20

Sept 16th:

  • Students received their m/c portion of the sample grade provincial. Using the handout ( moodle, and student portfolios), Mrs. Reis reviewed how to review the type of questions covered and the scoring aspects of the test. Students then did a self assessment of their mark. All work is to be kept in the portfolio
  • When done, students were asked to complete the “Short Story Terms” booklet. Students were not look definitions up but rather were instructed to see what they remember. Please only work on this for 30 minutes. Take note of the areas you do not remember. You will have class time to review on Wed. ( Handout is on moodle)
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April 22-26th

Focus: Romeo and Juliet

At this point in the unit we have handed in the following assignments:

Act 1 scene 5 viewing paragraph     Act 1 scene 5compare video activity

Act 2 scene 2 viewing paragraph    Act 2 scene 2 compare video activity

mask assignment     Romeo and Juliet masks 2

We have also had a quiz for ACT ONE


  • we learned about  the courtly love tradition and wrote a timed paragraph in class on Thurs and Fri of this week

Necessary handouts:

courtly love ( worksheet and notes)

 We also viewed a prezi but I cannot upload it. Please see me if you need this

  • We reviewed literary devices and found examples within the balcony scene. Here are the answers:   Act 2 devices answers
  • We received a sheet that examined devices and asked students to explain the meaning and context of each. Please do the first side for homework. Extra copies:  Lit Devices in act II. student sheet

Literary devices ( both identification and definitions) quiz next class ( Monday and Tuesday)

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December 10/11

Focus: Short Stories

  • Over the past few weeks, we finished the story “All the Troubles of World.” we reviewed questions and reflected on theme. We also looked at what the satire of the story was ( see worksheet)
  • We filled in the dystopic chart for the story and then reviewed the basics together
  • We learned the contrast model and received the prep materials for the contrast multi

The following are tasks that were accomplished and will be marked. Please see me if you are missing these as they will be zeros if not done.

  • Satire theme based response ( Harrison Bergeron)
  • Dystopia and its elements quiz ( 10 marks)

Contrast multi paragraphs are set to be written on Thursday Dec. 13 and Friday Dec.14th

December 6/7 and 10/11 classes: Animal Farm

  • We began the novel by examining what a “revolution” is, watching a clip and then creating our own revolutions in groups ( see manifesto booklets)
  • We received our learning logs ( see box for extra handouts) and were asked to read chapter 1-3
  • Next class: we discussed our group work and assessed the necessary elements of revolution.
  • we reviewed the following words: fairy tale, fable, and allegory
  • we watched a video on the Russian Rv and answered questions. Reviewed the questions


Prep the multi for Thurs/Friday classes

Monday’s class: read chapter 4 and 5 and do appropriate learning log entries

Tuesday’s class: You have until Monday to read the first 5 chapters. Quiz is scheduled for this day and Tuesday for the other class

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November 21/23

Focus: Short Stories

  • We reviewed the dystopic handout in relation to the short story Harrison Bergeron using Mrs. Reis’ answer key. This will eventually be put under the answer keys section
  • we will have a short quiz on definition, purpose, model, and characteristics of dystopia and as it applies to Harrison Bergeron NEXT CLASS.
  • We started the next story by trying to figure out what the next story would be about using a WORDLE once again.
  • This time we were asked to write a story about what the next story was going to be about a short PC infering or telling ( a prediction) what the story would be about.
  • We will share these next class


  • review for dystopic elements quiz
  • Read “All the troubles of the World answer all the questions under section 2 of the handout

Extra copies:   All the Troubles of the World questions

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November 19/20

Focus: Short Stories Unit

  • We reviewed the concept of satire and its presence in the Short story, “Harrison Bergeron.” Answer key is on the Short story answer keys PAGE
  • we reviewed the characteristics and purpose of dystopic fiction.
  • We received a worksheet to assess whether Harrison Bergeron is an example of Dystopic Fiction and then we were asked which specific characteristics applied to the story. THIS IS HOMEWORK
  • we postponed examining theme to get this lesson done.


Dystopia_Primer     Utopian&Dystopian_ficiton

copy of activity sheet is in the box in the classroom

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November 15/16

Focus: Short Stories ( Harrison Bergeron continued)

  • We reviewed the satire worksheet as well as discussed what the irony is in the story ( examples, etc)
  • we then discussed TONE and each student wrote out what the tone of the story was and we reviewed this
  • We then examined symbolism and assessed what  Harrison and the handicapps symbolized.

Hw: Write a theme statement for the story


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November 13/14

Focus: Short Stories ( Harrison Bergeron continued)

  • we reviewed science fiction and its main purpose and characteristics through an activity and power point
  • We learned about Satire, its tools and purpose. We reviewed the main ideas through a cartoon example. We used a handout for this. Extra copies are in the box. Harrison_Bergeron_Satire_worksheet

Hw: we filled in the satire sheet for the story Harrison Bergeron

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November 7/8

Focus: Harrison Bergeron

  • Ms. Z led a lesson that included:

1. vocabulary building activity based on words not understood from Hw ( see handout. Ms. Reis has this)

2. an activity to review and share the answers to the review questions 1. 2 and 5

3. Eacvh student received a puzzle piece about the topic of science fiction to answer for hw. Please see Ms. Reis for your puzzle piece if you were away

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