September 14-18

September 14/15:

  • What is Law Quotes? We shared our favourites
  • Introduced the legal reflection process and students wrote their first one and handed this in for feedback. Topic was:

                       What is Law? What is its purpose and function for you?law image

September 16/17:

  • We worked through the first 10 slides in our Introduction to Law power point and booklet
  • Focus was on:

1. Law is everywhere

2. Functions of Law

3. Enforcement of the law and its issues

September 18/21:

  • Finished the slides up to the substantive and procedural law notes
  • filled in our functions of law sheet
  • received a question sheet for hw about the Dudley and Stephens case

All handouts are on moodle


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December 5/6

Cyberbully Performance task:

Links to use



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October 18th block 2-2

Focus: Foundations of Law Unit ( International Law lesson; topic: Diplomatic immunity)

  • we had an activity about the articles we read for homework. I asked students to discuss the following questions:

1. What are some of the problems with diplomatic immunity?

2. What are some solutions? What do you think we can do to fix the issue?

3. Favourite quote or idea from article share

  • We reviewed as a class; then we received the 3rd reflection. I will post copies on moodle.
  • Also, I returned reflection 2
  • We continued with the powerpoint slides and booklet ( got through the next 4 or so). You can fill this in next class

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